Billy & Margot Iced Treats have just landed in Selwyn!

It's us again...Billy & Margot have landed in Selwyn.

Introducing the Billy + Margot Iced Treats for dogs. Packed full of natural ingredients for canine health and nutrition, these flavoured iced treats mean your dog can enjoy a delicious tub of dog friendly “ice cream” on a hot summer’s day.

We have been lucky enough to have Billy & Margot on board with us and we now sell Nutritional Iced Treats for your pups on a hot summers day or a cold winters night. 

I hope I'm allowed to have a taste of the apple, banana & carrot, strawberry & apple or honey & banana, mmmm! 

Because it is a frozen treat we only deliver to Canterbury wider regions and Selwyn because we don't want you to have a unfrozen iced treat. You can however pick up your frozen treat along with some other treats if you wish! 

It has been a busy and eventful Christmas, Ma & Pa got married and we moved into our new home. Although I am unhappy I cannot frolic and run around like a loony on the grass just yet...I am sitting by the window waiting patiently for that day, I will keep you all posted. 

We do have some exciting things happening for Summers Pet Accessories and new brands coming up for 2019. Summers Pet Accessories will be stocking VERY SOON raw meat that can be picked up from Rolleston. 

Exciting times. I must be off to jump in my paddling pool and trace mud through the house. Wooo! 

Love, Summer x


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