How to keep your pooch entertained- Tips from Summer!

When it’s raining cats and dogs, chances are your dog gets a little crazy without the option of a long walk or play at the park. At Summers Pet Accessories we provide a range of indestructible toys to keep your animal entertained for ages! 

Signs your dog is bored

  • Destructive behaviour and breaking the rules
  • Looking mopey or following you around all day
  • Repetitive behaviour like chasing the tail
  • Barking and whining

5 Tips For Keeping Your Pooch Entertained

Tip 1 Use a Stuffed Kong to Keep Your Dog Busy

Stuffed Kongs are a favourite for Summer when it comes to relieving her boredom because they’re easy to prepare and will keep her dog occupied for a long time. If you want to keep your dog busy for awhile try stuffing a Kong with their favourite treats. You can freeze some peanut butter or broth inside, or just put some treats in there and give your dog something to work for. 

Using a stuffed Kong is a great way to keep your dog busy while you’re at work. Put your stuffed Kong in the freezer overnight and give it to your dog in the morning as you’re leaving. A frozen Kong will last 30+ minutes for most dogs — much longer if you fill it completely.


Tip 2 Make Your Dog Work for Their Food

We give our pup a nice comfy life – she gets a warm bed, lots of attention, and her meals for free. But Summer is a border collie x labrador and she should be used a farm dog however she lives in suburbia. Many of our dogs are missing out on some mentally stimulating activities.

One of the easiest ways to challenge their minds is to make them work for their meals. You can make your dog perform some tricks before he gets his dinner, or you can have them eat from a food dispensing toy like the Kong Gyro and Kong Wobbler. 


Tip 3 Chasing a ball 

Why not try a fun game of hall ball! Like fetch, take a ball and roll it down a long hallway or try the kong squeezz mates instead, these will keep your pet entertained all day. Your dog will go racing after the ball! 


Tip 4 Kong Toys 

Kongs are fantastic toys for relieving dog boredom. Kong toys are non-toxic, durable, dishwasher safe and come in various sizes. We have a range of pet accessories to suit any better, even the most extreme chewers with our Kong Extreme Range! 


Tip 5 Creat an Obstacle Course 

An in-home obstacle course is a fun way for your dog to play inside. You can build jumps out of couch cushions and create a tunnel by hanging a blanket over the couch and coffee table. It definitely keeps them busy, thinking and strengthens your relationship!


That is all from us today. 

Enjoy, Love Summer x 

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