Meet Summer & Chester

Summer was flown down in 2017 from Wellington, she was purchased as a labradoodle x labrador, brilliant we thought! A placid animal, phew. She arrived and the first thing we noticed was her straight fur, hmm. Little did we know this hypo energetic puppy would be a border collie x labrador. We were in for the ride of our lives! 

What toys do we give this dog?! She destroys everything in sight including stones and rocks. Off to the vets we went, HELP. The vets recommended dog training. Brilliant we thought, she would be shaking hands and obeying every command in no time, border collies are clever right? First dog training in *face palm*. She was known as the most naughtiest and disobedient dog by the first training. Loveable Summer girl just wanted to run free and wild. 

Week after week we went to training and she was getting better and better. Top hint, if your dog doesn't work well with a clicker at training they will love 'Possyum' as a treat! She successfully learnt to shake, sit and do a half roll. Summer is now 1.8 years old and she no longer digs holes or chews clothes as she now has a variety of Kong toys to keep her entertained! 

The day Chester the rag doll arrived was an uncertain day for Summer, she was very stand offish and only sniffed and pulled away for the first few hours. Summer was a spoilt independent dog that did not need 'no sibling'. Chester settled in quickly and found her tail as a good game! We were unsure for the first week whether Summer was trying to eat Chester or carry him around like a mother. Six months on and they are the best of friends, wherever Chester is Summer will be. Each morning Summer waits for Chester to come out and they sleep together every afternoon right beside each other. Chester has the most hilarious attitude and gives Summer a run for her money. He really is the ‘King of our castle’.

We hope you enjoyed meeting us. 

Enjoy, Love Summer and Chester x 

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