The Benefits Of Royal Canin

The Benefits Of Royal Canin | Summers Pet Accessories

Our animals are unique animals with various nutritional and breed specific needs. Royal Canin offer unique and breed specific food, this food has been formulated through extensive research. They have identified the needs of specific breeds and created a complete line of premium Health Nutrition for dogs and cats. 

Royal Canin also take size, shape, texture and density into consideration when developing kibble and adapt it to the specific characteristics of the dog or cat for which it is intended. Labrador Retrievers, for example, are known for eating food quickly and without chewing. A donut-shaped kibble is designed to encourage chewing and works to slow down the speed of ingestion. The Persian cat, is known for its long coat and flat face. Persians use the lower side of their tongue to pick up kibble, so Royal Canin created an almond-shaped kibble that is easier for them to eat. 

We at Summers Pet Accessories believe in Royal Canin and their improved results in all animals. Check out our Royal Canin stock for the best deals. 

Love, Summer x 

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Royal Canin has arrived! | Summers Pet Accessories

Royal Canin has arrived!

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