Alfa Pet Ling Skin 50g

Alfa Pet Ling Skin 50g

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Alfa Pet Ling Skin twist is a tasty chewy treat for your pet made from 100% NZ ling fish. Fish product has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years for its immune-building effect. It is an abundant source of
mucopolysaccharides and carbohydrates that are reported to stimulate the immune system promoting optimal health. The glucosamine contains in the cartilage can also support the joint flexibility and cartilage health.

Hypoallergenic, low in fat, can be consumed by dogs with pancreatitis (please still seek advice from Vet before feeding)

Please Note: The shark Alfa Pet uses are 100% legitimate fished and NOT protected species. From Sustainable resources and whole fish has been used.

Ingredients: 100% Ling Fish Skin

Crude Protein Min. % 64.7%
Crude Fat Min. % 0.6%
Crude Fiber Max. % 0.2%