Alfa Pet Shark Clasper 50g


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Treat your pet to a Alfa Pet fish Claspers today, another extraordinary treat from Tasman sea! It is quite strong and chewy making them incredibly healthy dental aids and chews for most sized dogs. Fish product have a high natural level of omega 3 and 6 which have a lot of claimed health benefits for joints, skin and coat. The Glucosamine, calcium and angiogenesis-inhibiting proteins contains in the cartilage will help with joint and bone maintenance while the collagen is great for skin and coat improvement.

What is a claspers: Similar to a penis, claspers are an external appendage found on male sharks, skates, and rays that are designed to deliver sperm inside of a female. However, they are dissimilar to a penis in that they are not an independent appendage, but rather a deeply grooved cartilaginous extension of the sharks pelvic fins.

Features: hypoallergenic, low in fat, can be consumed by dogs with pancreatitis (please still seek advice from Vet before feeding)

Ingredients: 100% School shark Claspers