Dog Advent Calendar

Dog Advent Calendar

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Bark the Herald Angels Sing -- what’s better than treating that special dog to a daily holiday treat? Rejoice in that cute wagging tail as they anticipate what’s behind each door of the dog advent calendar 2020. We offer 20-30g of dog treats in this spectacular collection each day, sure to please every canine palate.

Packed full of 15 varieties over 25 days of Laila and Me favourites, as well as a few new, never-before-seen treats LOVED by our testers! Get ready for some appreciative jingle-woofs.

The Laila and Me team are so excited to offer this dog advent calendar to our Australian friends this year, and we can’t wait to hear all about the reactions of our loyal fans who’ve been asking about a dog Christmas calendar… we put our best into it for the whole family, human and doggo. 25 Days of Delicious Treats -- Happy Holidays to ALL!

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Length: 32.5cm

Width: 28cm